Dish Washers Catalog:

Dish Washer With Table - SW-XW200

Dish Washer With Table
1,Voltage:3N~380V/50Hz 2,Power:16KW 3,Daily Production:800-1000 tray/hour 4,Dimensions without packing(Depth x Width x Height):635x680x1490mm

Dish washer - SW-XWJ-UC-25

Dish washer
1,Dimension:580*600*860mm2,Hourly Capacity:500 plates(305mm)3,Wash cycle time:variable,from 1 to 21/2 minutes4,Wash tank capacity:20 liters5,Hot water input:200kpa to 400kpa

Dish washer - SW-XWJ-B-43

Dish washer
1,Heat tank capacity:7 liters2,60 baskets/hour3,Rinse tank capacity:30 liters4,Rinse tank heater:3kw

Dishwasher - SW-XWJ-B-42

1,Hourly Capacity:1200 glasses/items per hour2,Wash cycle time:variable,from 1 to 21/2 minutes3,Wash pump:0.28kw4,Wash tank capacity:12 liters5,Hot water input:200kpa to 400kpa

Dishwasher with Washing Table - SW-YG-XW100

Dishwasher with Washing Table
1,Heat tank capacity:7 liters2,Rinse tank capacity:30 liters3,Wash tank hearer:9kw4,Rinse tank heater:3kw5,Total:13kw Power:220v/60HZ6,Exit Table:700x720x970mm7,Pre-clearing Table:1200x720x860mm

Dishwasher - SW-XWJ-2A

1,Hourly Capacity:900 plates(12") per hour 2,Dwell/Rinse Cycles:60 seconds/90 seconds/120 seconds 3,Wash pump:0.73kw 4,Wash tank capacity:33 liters 5,Wash tank heater:3.0kw 6,Wash temperature:60℃ 7,Rinse tank capacity:9 liters

Built-in 12sets LED display - SW-XWJ-002

Built-in  12sets  LED display
1,Stainless steel interior 2,Electrical control + LED3,5 programs: Intensive wash, Normal wash, Eco wash, Rapid wash and Rinse4,Water overflow protection5,Flowing heating element6,Height adjustable upper basket Child lock7,1-19 hours delay start 8,Washing noise: 9,Water consumption: 14L

Basket for Dishwasher - SW-001

Basket for Dishwasher
Basket for Dishwasher,Size:500×500mm

12 sets free standing dishwasher - SW-W60A1A401B

12 sets free standing dishwasher
12 Sets Free Standing Dishwasher1.12 place settings2. Electrical control3. Water consumption14l4. CE & CB certificate5. Stainless steel interior6. Electronic with LED lamp7. on/off, program, child lock, delay, start/pause8. Children lock

Dish washer - SW-W60WA2A401A-0E0

Dish washer
2.Stainless steel interior3.Electrical control3.6 programs:intersive wash, normal wash,eco wash,glass wash,rapid wash&rinse4.Half load(option)5.Height adjustable upper basket6.LED display